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The Power of 100+ is simple. 

100 people each donate $100 resulting in an

impactful $10,000 donation to a local charity. 

The Power of 100+

giving the SRWC and members of the

community the opportunity to have a

positive impact on our community

in a proactive and purposeful way. 

Our 2020 Signature Project

  • Project proposals are currently being vetted by the SRWC Philanthropy Committee.
  • Members vote on selected projects during the month of February.
  • The 2020 Signature Project will be announced at the Power of 100+ Celebration & Project Launch in March 2020.

Our 2018-2019 Signature Projects

As the sponsor of the program, SRWC members vote on the project to receive the award around a signature theme. The initial vote in September 2018 between two projects serving vulnerable children resulted in a surprising tie.  The SRWC enthusiastically selected select both of them as their first two signature projects. 

A random selection resulted in the club’s decision to focusing on Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) of Central Oregon (CASA) first and and then shift to the Kids Center.  Both projects expanded existing services for vulnerable children within south Deschutes County. We are thrilled that both have now been fully funded. 

  • Awarded April 10, 2019 - CASA

Award Doubles CASA of Central Oregon Advocates to Local Foster Kids

The project increased the number of new advocates serving foster children in south Deschutes County. Resources were enabling CASA  to serve significantly less children locally than in the rest of the county.   And, CASA gets results.  Children with CASA advocates  tend to access more needed services, do better in school and move out of foster care more quickly than other foster children. 

  •  Awarded November 19, 2019 - KIDS Center  

Project THRIVE Receives the $10,000 Award to Support Abused Children

The project provides additional Project THRIVE services for abused children in south Deschutes County.  Project THRIVE identifies the highest risk children that are experiencing abuse during a medical examination and triages them into KIDS Center therapeutic services in order to begin healing.  Beginning therapy with children as quickly as possible is essential in order to minimize the long-term impacts of abuse.

Questions & Answers about the Power of 100+

Q: What is the Power of 100+?
A: 100+ members of the SRWC and community contribute $100 each and join together to make an impactful $10,000+ award to a local nonprofit serving a pressing need in south Deschutes County. This direct contribution program for a specific project enables Power of 100+ members to make a larger and more focused impact in the community. It supports local non-profits in introducing new services, or increasing/enhancing existing ones.

Q: What is unique about the Power of 100+ Program?  I’ve heard of 100 Women Who Care program. Why aren’t we running our program the same way?
A: It is an adaptation of the successful 100 Women Who Care movement. 100 Women Who Care is a group-based philanthropy model where members choose the charity their collective contribution will support. We have adapted the 100 Women Who Care program to fit within the existing structure of the SRWC.  Since the SRWC is the sponsor of the program, all members had have a voice in selecting the signature project.

Q: Why is SRWC doing this? We already raise a significant amount of money for charity.
A: A 2017 survey of SRWC members showed interest in expanding our philanthropic impact in the community. The Power of 100+ accomplishes this by allowing us to identify and support a specific need in the community and give a larger reward.

Q: Why should I join the Power of 100+?
A: There are many ways we all give to the SRWC and to our community. The decision on whether to make a contribution is a personal one, therefore each member should decide if joining the Power of 100 is right for them. The Power of 100+ is a program you can choose to join, just as you join a Book Club or Hiking Group.

Q: Do I have to join the SRWC to be a Power of 100+ member?                     
A: No. Any member of the community can participate in the program.  Many do because they share the philosophy of there being power in groups of people supporting projects addressing community needs.  However, only SRWC members can vote on the signature projects.

Q: Do I have to give $100? Will you accept smaller contributions?
A: In order to join the Power of 100+, members must make a donation of $100 or larger. However, members wishing to make smaller contributions are welcome to donate to the Philanthropy Program which funds our traditional grant program.

Q: Can I do installments for my $100 contribution?
A: New this year, we are offering SRWC members the opportunity to make four $25 payments over the course of four months.  To participate in the installment program, please contact us at

Q: Count me in!  How do I join?
A: You can make your $100 donation online at SRWC Power of 100+; send a check to SRWC at P.O. Box 3334; or you can bring a check or cash to any Sunriver Women’s Club event. 

Award Doubles CASA of Central Oregon Advocates to Local Foster Kids

Jenn App, Executive Director, and Stuart Young, Board Chair, from CASA of Central Oregon receive the award from Cheryl Storm, Power of 100, Co-chair and Debbie Baker, Philanthropy Director. 

CASA of Central Oregon 

Awarded April 10, 2019

   The results are in!  The Power of 100 Program’s $10,000 award to the Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) of Central Oregon has enabled them to double the number of foster kids who have someone in their corner advocating for them.  So far in 2019, 24 children from south Deschutes county have entered foster care due to abuse/neglect, with 19 placed in south county foster homes. Thanks to the Sunriver Women’s Club’s (SRWC) sponsorship of the Power of 100 Program, 91% of these children have a CASA volunteer. Many of the CASA live in the area, but more local volunteers are needed to reach 100% of foster kids being supported.

   On average in Central Oregon, a child in foster care will have four different caseworkers and three different foster placements. A CASA volunteer is often the only consistent adult in a child’s life during his or her time in foster care. Such a relationship is the single most important factor in helping a child develop resilience to thrive despite trauma. CASA of Central Oregon has been doing their part to improve the lives of children in Oregon’s struggling foster care system. CASA of Central Oregon is serving a higher percentage of children in foster care than almost any other program in the state, in part due to the generosity and community support of organizations like the SRWC.

   To learn more about CASA of Central Oregon or to volunteer as an advocate go to

Project THRIVE Receives the $10,000 Award to Support Abused Children

Lauren Russell and Molly Bean of KIDS Center accept the award from Nancy Fischer, SRWC president at a SRWC luncheon.    

KIDS Center                                           

Awarded November 19, 2019

   Project THRIVE provides children a friendly non-intimidating environment for them to share their experiences, which assists significantly in engaging them and their families in a healing process. Project THRIVE provides immediate and intensive services to children who have experienced sexual, physical or emotional abuse and/or neglect, or who have been exposed to drugs, or are witness to domestic violence. Beginning therapeutic services with children as quickly as possible is essential in order to minimize the long-term effects of child abuse. Staff at local elementary schools, where kids receive Project THRIVE services, note the kids really look forward to seeing the counselors—a strong indication that healing has begun.         

   Unfortunately, the incidence of child abuse is growing in Central Oregon. For example, since 2014 the number of physical abuse cases evaluated has increased by 142%. The Power of 100 award will help Project THRIVE provide therapy and family support services to children in south Deschutes County. We want more local children to have this opportunity to thrive after experiencing abuse. Results of the award will be reported in 2020.

   To learn more about KIDS Center go to

When 100 people come together each becomes a powerful force for doing good while lifting up their community.
We are each strong, but together, we are stronger.

The Sunriver Women's Club (SRWC) is a non-profit community service organization.  Membership is open to all women in Sunriver, the surrounding areas and communities.

The majority of our members are from Sunriver, La Pine and Bend - everyone is welcome.

The SRWC membership year runs October 1 through September 30.  You may join in any month.

Sunriver Women’s Club is open to all women in Sunriver and the surrounding communities - part time and full time residents. 

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